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When an emergency arises on a local, national or international level, businesses can trust Hydradry to deliver fast response times through our HYDRAXTREME Emergency Response Program. The hours immediately following a disaster are the most critical. By ensuring your business has an effective response team at the ready, you’ll be able to better prevent asset loss or operational failure.

Call the Tampa disaster recovery professionals at Hydradry by calling (813) 879-5771 today for more information about our commercial disaster recovery services.


Not only must your business have a disaster recovery team ready to help when the time comes, it’s also important to have a plan in place for what will be done when that disaster occurs. Our HYDRAXTREME service is built around helping businesses understand what they can do to help a recovery plan be more effective, so we offer emergency planning consultation services to assist with making those plans. We survey all critical operation systems, facilities, and essential records to be able to make useful recommendations in preventing a disaster from crippling your business. Our HYDRAXTREME service consists of three stages following a disaster.

These three stages of planning are:

  • Respond—before anything else, it’s important to ensure the safety of the premises. By taking the necessary precautions around a business’s premises, we can help to preserve the existing assets and prevent further damage.
  • Assess—the next stage is to plan for how repairs will be carried out. We do this by assessing damage, listing the repairs in order of priority, and then assigning duties to complete the restoration.
  • Restore—finally, we work to complete the repairs that will restore your business back to functional order, helping you return to full operational capability.

Call our 24-hour hotline and, in most cases, we will have an expert emergency recovery team at your business within 4 hours.


Hydradry is always ready to help our customers in need. Our response center takes calls 24/7, and offers fast response times. Following a disaster, businesses enrolled in our HYDRAXTREME service can call and have their request forwarded to an account representative, who will then immediately dispatch a response crew. Our teams can usually arrive within four hours.


We offer varying levels of services for immediate response restoration. Our HYDRAXTREME Performance Plus offers even more benefits.

The advantages of HYDRAXTREME Performance Plus include:

  • Priority response over those not enrolled in HYDRAXTREME Performance Plus during any area-wide disaster
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Responses within 24 hours following a call to our hotlines
  • Immediate consultative response upon report of the incident
  • Written scope within 24 hours of visit
  • Review of business continuity plans
  • No call-out charges in cities where Hydradry has a presence
  • Available on local and regional basis only


  • Retainer-based program similar to YDRAXTREME Performance Plus, but with the addition of three site familiarization surveys
  • Priority over those not enrolled in HYDRAXTREME Performance Premium during any area-wide disaster

​​Learn more about the HYDRAXTREME program by calling (813) 879-5771 today!

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